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annual report
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Hirobo EX RC Helicopter Servo Frame 0404-686
Tin Soldier, Sergeant of the Order of the Knights Templar, The Crusades, 54 mm


Telefilm Canada is your financing partner. We support all stages of a feature film, from development, to production and post-production, to marketing to audiences both at home and abroad.



Aside from the official coproduction treaties currently in force with nearly 60 partners from all over the world, Canada also offers a large pool of creators and technicians whose reputation is recognized worldwide, all ready to contribute to your project’s success.

SET BRITISH 1812,54 mm PAINTED,5 figurines
Vintage Antique MARSHAL Cap Guns And Leather Holster Set Studded 1940’s-1950’s

Business Intelligence

We gather, analyze, and disseminate valuable business intelligence for Canada’s audiovisual industry that would otherwise not be produced or available.

Festivals & Markets

Every year, Canada’s productions and talent shine brightly at festivals and markets around the world. Through our activities and initiatives, we help to build demand for these Canadian productions and make them easier to access.

Britains Zulu Wars A Pistol Indeed Limited Edition set 20123 wiirno974-1970-Now

Vintage Cast Iron Miniature Stove

Telefilm Canada is a recognized and trusted administrator of funds and programs. Organizational excellence is at the heart of what we do.